Tour the Birth Center

Cascade Birth Center provides a warm, home-like environment for you and your family. We are committed to helping you bring your new baby into the world in the most comfortable, loving atmosphere possible.

Our facility, located at 2808 Colby Avenue, Suite A, in Everett, Washington, consists of a reception area and two birthing suites. Each of the rooms has a large tub to help ease the discomfort of labor. In addition, there is an area with a family room environment and kitchenette where family members who aren’t directly participating can eat and rest during the labor and delivery.

Click on the links at the top of the page for descriptions and photos of our birth suites; they will give you a sense of our birth center and the kind of caring environment we provide

Of course you can call us today for a free consultation or to tour the birth center in person. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the growing enthusiasm surrounding birth centers, midwifery care and what they both have to offer you!