Sims Rotation/Posterior Baby

When laboring with a posterior baby things can be a bit frustrating. Below are pictures of the different positions your midwife might recommend for laboring.

The Sims Rotation is a full 90 minutes of four different positions that can aid in getting baby to rotate to a more optimal fetal position. Occasionally after completing this rotation we see a positive change (contractions more regular, less “back” labor, etc.) in the way our labor is progressing.

right side sims 2

Laying down on your bed on your right side, pull your top leg up and place pillows in a way to keep your legs apart. The knee should be brought as close to your belly as possible. Relax in this position for about 20-30min.

center sims rotation

After laying on your right side for 3omin move to knee chest/elbow position. This position will aid in getting baby to move out of your pelvis and allow gravity to help pull the heaviest part of the baby (his/her back) towards the front of your tummy. Your going to relax in this positions for 20-30min.

left sims rotation

For the final segment, you will lay on your left side and repeat the first position on this side. This position will help to get baby settled into your pelvis while favoring your left side (optimal fetal position). You should relax in this position for 20-30min.

After completing the rotation pick an upright position (walking, criss/cross on bed or floor, sitting on birth ball, etc) for the next 20-30min.

If needed or recommended by your midwife you can also do modified lunges on each leg:

lungelunge forward