Our Staff

Kayla Pesce


My name is Kayla.  I am Darlene’s oldest daughter and am the proud mommy of three adorable children, Teigun, Kaylx, and Klaire.  Since I can remember, midwifery, birth and babies have been a huge part of my life growing up.  I know first hand how much my mom truly loves the families that she cares for.  It is my job to do the “non-midwifery” things to the best of my ability, so she can focus on what she is best at, being a midwife.

I started working in the summers for my mom during my junior year in high school.  When my husband and I moved back up from California I started working for her full time as the office administrator.  It is my voice on the phone or smiling face that people see when they first walk into the birth center.  It’s my job to direct your call to the midwives, schedule appointments or connect you to our medical biller if you have insurance questions.

This is our family business and I love watching as other families grow.  Although I don’t have a desire to be a midwife, I have been a Childbirth Educator since 2008 and I thoroughly enjoying teaching.  It’s one more way that I can connect with the families that we serve and be a part of this amazing time in their lives.

Andrea Williams

Medical Billing Specialist

I have worked for Darlene as her medical biller since January 2002.  I have three children all of which were delivered by Darlene at the Birth Center.  After my first child was born, I chose to stay home with her and give up my career.  I worked as an office manager for an accounting firm and then as an executive assistant for a CEO.  Having a BA in English was helpful with both of these positions.  Billing has allowed me to stay at home with my children and has provided me with a stimulating diversion.

Working with the Birth Center and collaborating with Darlene on special projects has been a fabulous opportunity for me.  I believe that having choices for birthing is extremely important and contributing to that industry has been fulfilling and rewarding.



Marian Brenneka

Office Manager

Hi my name is Marian, I am the mother of three amazing children Amber, Andrew and Breanna, with my first granddaughter (Aria) due in June. I have known the Curtis family over 20 years and consider them family. If you would have told me that I would be working with them a couple years ago I would have told you that you were crazy, but now that I have been here a little over a year I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I truly love my job! It is so incredible to meet all of these mama’s and watch their bellies grow and to meet those adorable babies. I have been an Office Manager in different settings for years and there is no job that I have ever had that is more rewarding than this one. I feel that I contribute to the Birth Center as I owned my own business for three years and I was an Office Manager at a technical college for over 10 years. I work side by side with Kayla answering phone, scheduling appointments and working closely with the Midwives to make sure that all of our patients are taken care of to the fullest extent.