All About Safety


Recent studies actually support the use of “freestanding” birth centers as a safe alternative to hospitals. They show that birth centers are as safe as hospitals when providing care to low risk, healthy women.  You can visit the Midwives Association of Washington State’s website and view several studies listed there to see for yourself.

Our overall transfer rate to the hospital ranges between 10-15% which are not urgent in nature.  If it is determined during labor that it would be better for you to deliver at the hospital, we will arrange it with one of our consulting physicians and accompany you to the hospital with your records in hand.  Since 1999, our overall emergency transfer rate is 1.7%, so as you can see most of the time our transfers to the hospital are not emergencies.

We at CMBC strive to continue the colleagial relationship that we have built with our neighboring hospital.  In doing so, there is improved continuity of care and makes the transfer to the hospital more streamlined.  We see that this also allows you to still have a positive experience even if it is different from your original plan.  For those who live further  north, we also have a great working relationship with Island Hospital and can transfer there if you choose. At Cascade Birth Center, we are committed to helping you have the safe, fulfilling experience all families deserve.

Check out the link below in regards to current research about Midwifery care and its benefits.